REVEALED: What do Brits really think about job interviews?

REVEALED: What do Brits really think about job interviews?
REVEALED: What do Brits really think about job interviews?

The British workplace has its pros – we’re prided by our politeness, tendency to apologise even if we’re not wrong and organise everything to within the finest detail.

We’re also the first to run to the treat table if there’s cake up for grabs, will happily make a sly, humorous dig at a colleague who makes terrible tea and aren’t shy of sending a passive aggressive email if we want to get things done.

All that said, to other cultures, our nuances can appear charming – or just downright confusing, whichever way you look at it.

Highlighted by the popular ‘VeryBritishProblems’ twitter page (a favourite here at Recruitment Grapevine) if there ever was a stereotype of how a typical Brit would behave in an interview (if they could), they might have just nailed it.

The post prompted several other Twitter users to share how they too, would answer the interviewers question, if they could be completely honest…

Well, we all know the tea rounds are important…

Sorry, I was doing research. *Group chat pings*

Sadly, honesty wasn’t the best policy for this candidate…


Surely this is better than a full on row?

With the satiric post highlighting the troubling nature of job interviews, in that, they don’t prompt sincere answers, it also shows how the industry has instead opened itself up to lies. 

Last year, 75% of hiring managers caught applicants telling lies on their CVs. According to the Moneyish report which found that candidates are not entirely honest on their resumes, more and more are lying. The 75% figure is up 20% from two years ago.

In fact, upon closer inspection, an Adzuna survey found that candidates were most likely to lie about their skillset, e.g. being proficient in Excel (43%), their work experience (39%) and their education (35%). The researchers found that recruiters and hiring managers were poor at spotting the lies, as 83% of candidates who told an untruth were never discovered. Almost all (96%) of CV liars said they would do it again – with 37% revealing they would be prepared to tell a ‘big lie’ to get their dream job.

So, what do you think, is it better to be ‘Britishly’ honest during hiring, or tell a few porkies to land the job? Tell us in the comments…

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